About True or Nonsense

We regularly hear prejudices about people with a mental illness or addiction:

  • people with depression have no perseverance
  • they are dangerous and aggressive
  • once crazy, always crazy
  • people with a borderline personality disorder always lie 

Knowledge and awareness
Such statements often stem from ignorance. We see that media and social media also play a role in this. People accept statements by other people as the truth. The image that is sketched causes, among other things, the stigmatization of people with a psychological vulnerability and/or addiction.

Knowledge game
The knowledge game ‘True or Nonsense (Klopt of Kletskoek)’, stimulates you to think about a number of statements about mental illness and addiction: Is it True (Klopt) or is it Nonsense (Kletskoek). This contributes to awareness about statements that are made and helps increase knowledge about mental illness and reduce stigma (prejudice).

What do you think?
Do you want to ‘test’ your knowledge about mental illness and addiction in a light-hearted way? Send an email to contact@kloptofkletskoek.nl or fill in the contact form. There is no right or wrong in this knowledge game. I do bring tasty cookies (kletskoeken) ;-).

This site is in English. During the pilot in 2019, I was often asked by the study programs whether I could perform the knowledge game in English. This is because Dutch colleges and universities also have quite an amount of international students.