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Socialrun Foundation
The Socialrun makes money available annually for projects, that stimulate openness about mental illness and addiction and help reduce prejudice. In 2019, the Socialrun raised 123,000 euros.

This amount has been allocated to new, small-scale initiatives. True or Nonsense (Dutch: Klopt of Kletskoek) is one of them. Read more about the Socialrun and the projects that received a subsidy in 2020 here. #participatingiswinning

PS: Jessica will participate in the Socialrun again this year as an accompanying cyclist.

Jessie Polfliet
The logo for True or Nonsense (Klopt of Kletskoek) has been created by the illustrator Jessie Polfliet.

Jonathan Spaninks
In April 2020 the website of True or Nonsense is given a new look and translated into English. Special thanks to Jonathan Spaninks for his translation work.

Samen Sterk zonder Stigma (Strong Together Against Stigma Foundation)

Samen Sterk zonder Stigma

True or Nonsense started at the end of 2017. At that time the Socialrun was still a project under the Strong Together Against Stigma Foundation. In 2018, the Socialrun continued independently as a Foundation. Since 2018, True or Nonsense has received subsidy to contribute to reducing stigma about people with a psychological vulnerability and/or addiction. I would like to thank the team of Samen Sterk Zonder Stigma for their trust and support.

My friends, family, acquaintances, former colleagues
In all the things I do with MerkVaardig, as an ambassador of the Strong Together Against Stigma Foundation and with the True or Nonsense project, I always feel enormously supported and encouraged by my environment. This touches me, energizes me and keeps me going. Thank you!

* my good friend Erik took the pictures at Maastricht University. Thanx you so much Erik for your support!